Pneumatic Dual Heated Plates High Pressure 5000 PSI Rosin Heat Press 6″X8″ LCB1015-3

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Pneumatic auto, dual heated plates, high pressure.

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High Pressure Automatic Pneumatic Heat Rosin Dab Press Machine Wholesale CBD e-cigarettes 6 x 8 Heating Plate Rosin Press

Pneumatic Rosin Press Machine LCB1015-3
Pressing size
Pressure range
0-5000 PSI
Temp range
Time range
Logo/color design
One set by DHL/Fedex air express, big order ship on board

Rosin Heat Press Details

Main Features
1) Pneumatic design to offer bigger pressure.
2) Durable Structure, more convenient.
3) New LCD control panel , smart look.
4) Thicker and stronger dual heating plates.

need a Rosin Press, Which one is right for me?


Auplex mainly produce electric/pneumatic/hydraulic/manual dual heat presses to meet different customer’s needs. It depends on how often you will be using your press and your budget. If you plan to make rosin on an every day basis for extended periods of time, we recommend an electric or pneumatic or hydraulic operated press over a manual one to save both time and energy. That said, the manual presses are a great option for those using their press in a home/personal setting.

What does Rosin Press Do

What is Rosin?
Rosin is a simple but powerful method for plant oil extraction. Originally, the technique was developed for a wholly different purpose—the lubrication of violin bows.

Rosin works through the application of heat and pressure, and may be used on flowers, kief, or plants. Is rosin the same as shatter?The resulting product can be quite similar, and can certainly rival shatter in terms of quality. Indeed, it may be far more pure.

The problem with other extraction methods is that they require you to introduce propane, butane, or other light hydrocarbons into your flowers while you are processing it. Once initial processing is complete, these impurities remain, so you must then subject the product to a further purge process.

Even after that is complete, chances are good there will still be some leftover hydrocarbons in your plant oil. Needless to say, that is not something you want to put in your body.

The rosin press removes the hydrocarbons from the picture entirely. Since they are never introduced in the first place, there is no need to purify your oil afterward—it is already pure.

In all other respects, the product the rosin press produces is virtually impossible to tell apart from shatter. It has the same
clear, amber-like appearance, and it is comparable in terms of scent as well as flavor. It also is just as rich in terpenes.

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