Why Choose Auplex

Auplex’s Advantage

1.One-year warranty on the whole machine, if any parts break, we’ll send new parts to replace.

Five-year warranty on the heating plate.

Lifelong free technical support, provide pictures and videos.

2.we’ll do FIVE quality checking processes and printing test before shipping, to guarantee the machine is working perfect. Secondly, we use 5 layers tough carton box and custom foam to protect the machine, so it would be safe during shipping. If by any chance the machine broke when you received it, we’ll guarantee you:

Send new parts to replace for free, and if the machine is unrepairable, we’ll send you a new machine or get you refund directly.

3.The heating plate is covered by EIGHT heating tubes, make the whole area even heating, guarantee the printing effect.

Spray Teflon coating on the surface of heating plate, make the surface more flat and smooth, the temperature more accurate.

4.High-precision digital controller, accurate temp&time control; unique blue light display, high identification in the market.

Choose famous international parts suppliers as our partners, like Delixi, SMC, etc, to enhance the stability of the machine.

All models do withstand voltage test, the withstand voltage level reaches the international standard of 1500V, 20mA, to ensure the safety of use and eliminate the leakage risk.

Post time: Oct-11-2021